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What Does Your Birthstone Say About Your Personality?

January- Garnet
If the garnet is your gemstone, you are most likely a strong leader with many ambitions. Some people may think you are stubborn or hard-headed, but your confidence and high standards will help you go far in life.

February- Amethyst
If you were born in February, you are probably honest and loyal, and may also be a bit shy. Many people may call you out for being too quiet, but your humility is definitely something to be admired.

March- Aquamarine
As you may have guessed from the name, this stone is closely associated with the ocean. If the aquamarine is your birthstone, you probably love peace and serenity and often settle arguments between your family or friends. You notice a lot about the world around you and have an intense desire to travel. However, your aren’t living in some kind of fairytale wonderland. Your love of fairness means that you are sometimes easily angered by injustices.

April- Diamond
Most of us know that diamonds symbolize everlasting love, but do you know why? It’s because they are so hard to damage, a quality that they share with those born in April.
These individuals are nearly invincible, and can bounce back from just about anything you throw at them. Of course, that also means that they’re stubborn; when they take a stand, they stick to it!

May- Emerald
If the emerald is your birthstone, you are very driven and motivated and probably don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do in order to succeed. You may also feel yourself growing restless if you’re not actively doing something to achieve your goals.

June- Pearl
June peeps are typically soft-spoken and sensitive, but they have a lot of ideas running through their heads at all times. They have great senses of humor and love to make others laugh, but are sometimes quick to get their feelings hurt.

July- Ruby
Like the gemstone they were born under, those with a ruby birthstone are showy, with a flair for the dramatic. These individuals have incredible self-confidence, and will never shrink back from a confrontation.
Resolutely fearless, they absolutely never bluff, and are always prepared to follow through.

August- Peridot
Plenty of folks are chatty, but people with the peridot birthstone truly have the “gift of gab.” They can befriend anyone, under any circumstances, emerging from even the most casual encounter with a new friend for life. Kindhearted to a fault, those born under peridot love to adopt people and animals into their vast extended family!

September- Sapphire
If the sapphire is your birthstone, you are likely very generous, maybe even to a fault. You’re also very loyal and hardworking. People born in September are always very fun to be around, but be sure not to get on their bad sides! They notice everything, so if you cross them, be prepared to hear about every mistake you’ve ever made.

October- Opal
Opals are one of the most fascinating gemstones, as well as one of the most visually interesting ones. They contain rainbow-colored specks that catch the light in a beautiful sparkly display. If the opal is your birthstone, you are friendly to everyone and you love chatting about anything and everything. You’re also very decisive and somewhat emotional. However, on the occasion that someone hurts your feelings, you’re able to quickly forgive and forget.

November- Citrine
If your birthday is in November, you are patient and determined. You think about things in a different way from most of your peers and tend to keep to yourself. If there’s a will there’s a way, and you can always find it.

December- Turquoise
Turquoise is unique because it is only found in a few places on earth. If turquoise is your birthstone, you probably love praise and attention and value honesty above all else. December babies tend to be very loyal and hate when people pretend to be something they’re not.