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5 Things You’re Doing That Are Causing Breakouts

Here are 5 things that you’re probably doing that are causing your face to breakout or worsen your existing acne.

1. Eating Lots of Fat & Sugar – The more plant based your diet is, the better your skin will look, period. When you consume a lot of fat and sugar in your diet, your skin will produce more sebum (oil). This oil can then ore easily become clogged and cause an inflammatory response throughout your body. Avoid eating lots of fats and sugars to clear up your skin.

2. Popping Your Existing Zits – Bacteria and germs that enter and settle in the skin can create clogged pores. The pile of dirt and bacteria will make a small lumps that eventually called acne. That is why if you popping it, the acne will grow more. It is because the bacteria that coming for popped pimples, will spread to the other parts of your skin, then making a new acne.

3. Excessive Face Washing – Most acne sufferers “vigorously washed their faces until it feels silky,”. Physical irritation of the skin is one of the major factors that keep people stuck in a cycle of acne. Instead of washing vigorously, we should choose gentle, hydrating cleansers and cleanse only briefly. Excessive face washing causes the skin to produce more oil and continues the acne cycle – agh!

4. Bouncing From Product to Product – If you bounce from one product to another, you aren’t giving each product a chance to start working and can possibly cause the skin to overreact and become more oily, causing further breakouts.

5. Your Hair Conditioner – Ever thought about that?? Think about it . . . When you use hair conditioner, it gets along your hairline as well as on your neck, chest and back as you rinse it. Most conditioners are chock-full of pore-clogging ingredients. These ingredients may smooth the hair and give it shine, but it does no favors for acne-prone skin. Always remember to wash your face and other blemish-prone areas after rinsing out the hair conditioner.