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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone Multiple Times?

Have you had a dream about someone that keeps coming back? Are you starting to wonder if there might be meaning in this recurring dream? Here are some possible meanings:

Does it mean anything if you keep seeing the same person in your dreams?
In some cases, it may mean nothing if you see the same person every night. Dreams are just random images and thoughts pulled out of your memories to construct a dream story. In other cases your dreams may indicate things of importance. Since a dream is made by your subconscious mind, it could indicate your thoughts, feelings or desires. In many cases, a dream shows that you are focusing on something for one reason or another. If you keep dreaming about the same person every night, it may be because you are concerned about them or worried.

You dream about things you think about most.
Some people try to think about the same thing (like a crush) every night before they go to sleep because they want to dream about them. Even though you may have never dreamed or thought about the person before, you had a random dream with them in it. Because of this dream, you wake up thinking about them and continue thinking about the dream the next day. Because of these thoughts, you end up dreaming about them over and over again, even though they may not have been someone you ever really thought about that often.

What does it mean?
There may be a reason why that person came up in your dream initially. Think back to when they were in your life. What did they represent? Did you tend to feel safe, angry or happy around them? In some cases, the person represents a feeling that you want or had in your life. You may keep dreaming about them because your subconscious wants you to have that feeling again.