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How To Get Over Your Ex

Lets face it, trying to forget that one special person who once bad your heart skip a beat is DANG HARD! Saying goodbye to an ex means saying goodbye to a small part of you. All the inside jokes, weekly routine of shared activities, and the secret plans you had in your head about spending the rest of your life with them—even if you also secretly knew your relationship wouldn’t last that far, all has to be replaced with.. well, nothing. You’re left drowning in tears of sadness, anger, and loneliness. SNAP OUT OF IT!
Check out these 5 FOOLPROOF ways to get over your ex in no time!

1. Block them from social media
Press that block button now! Go ahead, its not hard. You’ll suddenly feel a whole lot lighter in your gut when you find yourself with the urge to spend 30 minutes stalking every single person who liked your ex’s latest post. You may convince yourself that you have yourself in check when it comes to searching their page daily or hourly, but the truth is, you’re better off just getting the social media websites involved and asking them to be the third-party mediators in this situation. They invented a block option on purpose: partially for people to say “later” to creepers, and partially to help people stop investigating whether or not their exes are smooching someone new.

2. Write down mean or disappointing things they said or did
Write down all rude comments your ex made to you while dating, along with every disappointing choice they made that emphasized your incompatibility. You will be surprised by how quickly the page will fill up. Now, every single time your mind decides to play tricks on you into believing that you messed up the relationship just pop that doc open and start to scroll through. It’s the perfect self reality check to help you remember the relationship was not all sunshine and rainbows.

3. Get rid of anything they left behind
Take down the photos hanging on your bulletin board and stick all the gifts they bought you for Valentine’s Day, your birthday, and those handful of days when they messed up royally and put them in the trash. Even if your favorite t-shirt that you still wear all the time was theirs, or you don’t think you’re ready to dump the handful of love letters you have saved in your drawer, giving away the old only makes room for the new.

4. Make yourself available
If you’re eager to meet someone new or just get more comfortable dating, push yourself to go on an absurd number of dates a month. The more new people you meet, the more you may find yourself understanding the way you deserve to be treated by a potential love interest. At the very least, you’ll be so booked up with first dates that you’ll hardly have any free time to sit at home and cry to John Legend songs while you think about your ex.

5. Challenge yourself
Getting over your ex doesn’t take a lot of work, but it does take a lot of pinky promises with yourself that when you feel the urge to get back with them or even just stalk their social media that you’ll do something for yourself instead. Try donating clothes, or burpees! Why not get in better shape? You have the motivation to do it! The first few days of a breakup seem impossible to move on from, but by month three you’ll probably forget why you were so upset over someone who was hardly worth a second of your time. Plus, you’ll have a rockin bod to make the ex regret he was stupid enough to mess things up.