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Signs You’re Stuck in The Friendzone

Are you afraid you might be stuck in the friendzone? Here are some signs that you actually might be:

Does he/she…

Make any effort to look good around you?  Do they have no problem having bedhead around you? Do they seem to make no effort to fix themselves up around you at all? Those are not good signs.

Always invite other people when you go out together?  Do they seem to avoid being alone with you or doing activities with you alone?

Avoid physical contact with you?  Are they not touchy at all? People long for the touch of someone they are attracted to. If it’s just casual they will make no effort to touch or to be touched by you.

Never Flirt With You?  Flirting is a must. If there is no flirting going on chances are they just want to be friends.

Discuss other love interests around you? Do they talk about other people they are interested in dating or seriously dating? This is a sign that they aren’t thinking about you that way.

Act completely unphased when you talk about members of the opposite sex? If they seem unemotional when you mention thinking someone else is attractive, they may not feel anything about you in that way.