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Quiz- Are you intimidating?

Are others intimidated by you?
Take this quick quiz to see how intimidating you really are!

Signs you may be intimidating:

1. You Detest Small Talk – Does simplistic and light conversion bore you to tears? Do you crave a more intellectual conversation?
2. You Don’t Crave Attention – Are you fine with not being the center of attention? Do you feel like you don’t need the approval of others to be ok with yourself?
3. You’re Ambitious – Are you considered a high acheiver? Do you set goals that are ambitious and difficult?
4. You’re Turned Off By Ignorant People – When you’re talking to someone and realize they have no clue what they are talking about are you tempted to turn and walk the other way?
5. Members of The Opposite Sex Are Scared To Approach You – Do you feel like you hear compliments from the opposite sex but never get asked out?
6. Members of The Opposite Sex Get Nervous or Self-Concious Around You – Do you find members of the opposite sex fumble their words and get flustered around you?
7. You Are Honest and Upfront – Are you direct and honest with your friends and aquaintances?
8. You Are Strong-Willed and Maybe a Little Pushy – Are you considered to be a little bull-headed and pushy?