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Is Karma Real?

Is Karma Real? What do you think? Or does everything that happens just random coincidences?

Take the poll below and see what everyone else thinks too!

In a fascinating study, researchers followed the health of a group of medical students for 25 years to see if their levels of angry hostility at the beginning of the study could predict their heart disease rates down the road [3]. Incredibly, those participants who were highest in angry hostility at the beginning were 5 times more likely than their laid-back counterparts to have heart disease 25 years later.

This payback for angry hostility is the reason I say that “bad Karma is real”. I am not talking about an afterlife, but rather that cause-and-effect relationship between being an ass and suffering heart attacks. People who give you the finger or honk loudly at you in traffic just because you drive through an intersection a tiny bit slowly are in trouble. They are building the foundation for their own heart disease. So instead of returning the road rage, maybe next time we can feel a little sorry for them (?)