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What Type of Music Matches Your Personality?

Think the music you love is part of your identity? You might be right…

Just as a glimpse inside a bedroom or office provides clues about someone’s character, so too can a peek at someone’s playlist. The question “What kind of music do you like?” is so revealing, it is one of the number one topics of conversation among young adults who are getting to know each other. So what do your tunes say about you?

Music’s tempo, rhythm and lyrics all play apart when it comes to the R&B listener. These fans tens to be more creative, open-mindedness and extroversion.

Fans of jazz, classical and other “complex” music typically have above-average IQ scores.

Fans of country and Top 40 hits tend to be more conventional, honest and conservative compared with fans of other genres.

Whether you can study or work efficiently while listening to music may depend on how outgoing you are. Background music can help extroverts focus, but tends to torment introverts.

Pop or Rock
It may work for Rocky Balboa, but music doesn’t always pump up athletes. Motivational music can give weightlifters an edge. Runners, however, don’t move farther or faster with the help of motivational music. But who cares.. we all get pumped when we hear that music that cheers on the underdog!

Electric or Hip-Hop
Fans of energetic music like dance and soul are more likely to impulsively blurt out their thoughts, compared with fans of other styles.