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Signs That You’re Obsessed With Someone

We’ve all had a crush in a major way. Sure it can be hard to keep your head straight when in the midst of those loving feelings. But sometimes those feeling  go beyond love struck and enter obsession territory. Obsession is not a becoming attribute on anyone. Here are 8 signs you might be crossing into crazy stalker obsessed and it’s cause for concern!

1. You’ve started to neglect other people in your life. It’s natural to carve out some extra time for a new boo, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of all the other people who have been there for you along the way.

2. You’re social media stalking is becoming unhealthy. Obviously you’re going to look at his Instagram, but you shouldn’t spend hours stalking every girl who liked his recent photo.

3. You daydream about conversations that haven’t happened. When you’re loving someone from afar and can’t snap out of your imaginary world, it might be time to schedule some real life friend time to bring you back to earth.

4. Your sense of self worth depends on how he feels about you. When he’s irritated with you, it feels like your entire world is crumbling down – but when his mood shifts, yours immediately does, too.

5. You think he can do no wrong. Nothing clouds judgment like obsession. No one is perfect, so if his questionable behavior isn’t raising any red flags for you at all, you might not be paying attention.

6. You run into him on purpose. You happen to know where and at what time he gets his coffee, because you’re basically stalking him.

7. You compulsively hang out with him, even when you know you are busy. If you keep choosing your man over finishing up your work project, and end up feeling terrible about it but can’t stop… you might be addicted to your relationship.

8. You’ve tried to get close with his friend so you can get closer to him. Being social is one thing, but befriending someone just so they can vouch for you is leaning towards manipulative and crazy.