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Do You Trust Your Best Friend?

Do you think you and your best friend share everything with each other in confidentiality? Take this quick poll so you can see how many people feel the same way!

Trust is an essential ingredient of any solid friendship. We take it for granted that our close friends will be honest when we ask their opinions, will always have our back and will and rarely lead us astray.

A good trusting friend should be someone you have known for an extended per Of course these are all something we strive to have within friendship, but how often can you really find it?

Trust is something that is built over a period of time. You should always be selective when sharing intimate details of your life to another. Make sure they there for you and would never repeat information just for gossip or attention.

It is important to explore and understand what trust means to us and what it means to our friends. It is also important to show that we are trustworthy to each other. We have to demonstrate to each other that we are trustworthy. If we all BE the friend we desire to have in one another, our life will be much simpler and would go down dramatically in the drama department. Doesn’t that sound awesome???