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Poll – What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? Also, see what everyone else said :/

Feeling Guilty?

If you do something wrong that hurts someone else, you feel guilty. Guilt is a valuable emotion, because it helps to maintain your ties to the people in your community. It provides a painful consequence for actions that would weaken the groups that you belong to.

Because guilt is painful, people often find ways to soothe their feelings by making up for their actions in some way. These repairs are also useful, because they help to re-strengthen people’s ties to the community that they have damaged.

How do you get over feeling guilty?

Change guilt into gratitude. Be grateful for the experience
Forgive yourself.
Take a lesson from the fictional character Scarlett O’Hara
Do a good deed.
Incorporate a spiritual practice into your life.
Consider seeking help from a therapist if you can’t move past your guilt on your own.

If you’ve done something that may need help recovering from, consider talking to a therapist or family member for help. Also try seeking forgiveness from the person you have wronged.  That will help tremendously.